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Disposable Microwavable Pot Pie Pans

Looking for a here-and-now Pot Pie pan? Look no further! These Disposable pots and Pans are top-of-the-heap for your next Pot pie, with here-and-now temperatures technology, these pots and Pans will keep your Pot Pie on the eating room floor while you're cooking. Plus, the four-positionoffset xxxx an even of lids will keep your Pot Pie safe from accidents.

Disposable Microwavable Pot Pie Pans Amazon

This is aluminum Pot Pie pan set that comes with four lid tags, the pots are large enough to tailor on a stove top or in an oven, while the surfaces are non-stick for basic cooking. The surfaces are also non-stick for effortless cleaning, the sets come with four cups, two tablespoons, and two teaspoon sizes. Our Disposable aluminum 5 Pot Pie Pans are enticing for baking with or without lids, the beechwood wood effect with natural color is what you'll find in this set. These pies will get your home baking on with style and ease, our Disposable aluminum 5 Pot Pie Pans are terrific for any dish that you want to put on top of your oven's grates. The owens states since they were first made have never quit liking their cooking duties, the excellant food starts with our owens states Pot pies know that we will be able to meet your needs always. Our Disposable Microwavable Pot pies Pans are made of aluminum and have our favorite lids - lids - to keep your food safe, they're also machine-washingable and effortless to hold and access.