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Freezable Microwavable Containers

Our Microwavable Containers are unequaled for any soup, with our convenient lids, you can have your cup of soup waiting for you when you're ready to enjoy it. Our Containers are made with high quality ingredients and are sure to keep you and your friends warm this winter.

Top 10 Freezable Microwavable Containers

Our Freezable Microwavable Containers are practical for filling refused soup bowls with your favorite food, the depending on the recipe you want to make, the container will keep your kitchen clean and ready for business. The insulated design will keep your food hot and fresh tasting, this airtight food storage container with air vent brown lid 400 ml made of glass is a Freezable Microwavable container that is best-in-the-class for keeping your food cold for hours on end. The air vent allows for quick and of the food, which always necessary when food, the container also comes with a built in chillum, which makes it a first-class tool for kitchens. Is a band that provides a leachable container that helps to keep your Microwavable Containers temperature while you are busy cooking, the stackable form makes it straightforward to get to the container and to keep track of the container temperature. The leachable container also makes it uncomplicated to clean, our microwave stackable Freezable Containers are top-of-the-heap for keeping your food safe from the sun and heat. They're are made of plastic and leakproof, so you can trust that they'll stay frozen all year long, plus, the design means that there's no possibility of them coming loose and spilling your food all over the floor.