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Ge Microwave Je2160sf01 Fuse

The Ge Microwave oven is a powerful, all-in-one oven that comes with a motor fan assembly that is exceptional for used or damaged ovens, this oven offers a variety of features that make it an ideal alternative for the home cook. With a simple set-up process, this oven can handle everything from standard cooking up a storm.

Top 10 Ge Microwave Je2160sf01 Fuse

This Ge Microwave Fuse is for the motor fan assembly that is with the fuse, this Ge Microwave oven model motor fan assembly with Fuse is for use with fan blades located under the fan cover. When the fan is turned on, the fan is plugged into the power cord, the must be turned off when the oven is turned off. The fan battery must be removed before the oven can be turned on, the oven gives a Ge started light and a Ge power light. The fan is the small black box to the right of the oven's power light, it is an 3-position Fuse so you can put it in the "on" position and the "off" position. This is a first-rate device for cooking or heating up food, the assembly presents a metal gasket to protect the metal structure and is stock in the kitchen. The Fuse is standard in the assembly.