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Littonware Microwave Cookware

This is a vintage Microwave Cookware 1, 5 quart casserole dish with lid. It is a top-rated addition to your kitchen realism and as always, the product is produced with high quality materials, this dish comes with a very cute littoral dish lid which makes it best-in-class for dishwashing. The Microwave Cookware is facile to operate and comes with a power switch, which is sterling for low-power use, the 1. 5 quart casserole dish with lid is sure to be a favorite with cookers everywhere it goes.

Vintage LittonWare 2 Cup Round Bowl 39278 Lid 39277 Microwave Cookware Cvrd Dish
Vintage - LittonWare - Microwave Cookware - 1.5 quart Casserole - 39274/39275

Littonware Microwave

This is a terrific Microwave Cookware set from it is an 1, 5 quart square casserole dish, which is unrivalled for the home cook. The classic design is still maintainable and sturdy, making it a top substitute for lovers who grove on the basics of Microwave cooking, the casserole dish also renders an outstanding deal of flavor and flavor potential, making it a top-grade candidate for bubbly watering matches and side dishes. This is a lovely, vintage Microwave cookware, it provides an 1. 5 qt square casserole dish which is absolutely beautiful, it is furthermore very facile to use, as it provides a red light on it to indicate that it is on. It is such a wonderful piece of history and culture and we are honoured to have it in our collection, this is a vintage Microwave Cookware safety square 2 1 round bowl lid set. It features two round bowls with lid and is in splendid condition, it is approximately 2 inches wide by 1 inches thick. This 6-pack of Microwave Cookware is a top-of-the-line way to get your cooking needs online! These waves of timeless design give these dishes a certain venerable feel, while the lots of colors and numbers on the inside packaging help them fit in any kitchen, the Cookware is new in the box and comes with a free cookbook.