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Microwavable Noodle Bowl

This bowl is a great way to get your guests a cup of hot noodles while keeping them warm. The bowl is small enough that it can be served small, and the four cup capacity means that your guests can get a cup of hot noodles without getting sistema microwave noodle bowl 4 cup.

Sistema Microwave Noodle Bowl, 4 Cup

Sistema Microwave Bowl

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Sistema Microwave Noodle Bowl

The sistema microwave collection noodle bowl is a great way to get your taste buds in on a new year's gift. This bowl is filled with various types of pasta and cereal. It is perfect for the small hands of summer. The 28. 7 oz. Weight is perfect for your daily commute. The various colors and styles of pasta and cereal make it a great addition to any kitchen. The bowl is 28. 7 oz and has a 3. 5 cup capacity. It is made of plastic and has a white texture with black circles on it. It is plastic free and comes with a microwaveable warranty. this cups is a great way to get your children started in eating from the microwave. The cups are small and easy to find the place of use, and they can help you teach them the importance of taking care of their food. the sistema microwave collection is a great selection of microwave bowls with different colors and textures. This set of noodles bowls, for example, has a assorted1109zs color scheme. The noodles are made of durable plastic and have a 4-year guarantee. The bowls are big enough to fit in a microwave or through a door. They can also be done in a variety of colors, such as red, green, or black.