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Microwavable Plastic

Our meal prep food containers with lid are made of reusable Microwavable plastic, they are top for busy mommies that want to make their own food and be hands free. Plus, they're top-of-the-line for taking to functions like camping or dining out.

200x Meal Prep Food Safe Containers +Lids Reusable Microwavable Plastic BPA FREE

200x Meal Prep Food Safe

By Unbranded


Seal'In 9pc Nestable Storage Containers

Seal'In 9pc Nestable Storage Containers

By Fox Valley Traders


Pactiv 16 oz Plastic Meal Prep Food Containers w/ Lids, High Quality Made in USA
Deli Plastic Containers w/ Lids for Food/Soup - Choose Size

Deli Plastic Containers w/ Lids

By OnlyOneStopShop


50-Pack Meal Prep Plastic Microwavable Food Containers meal prepping 26 OZ.

50-Pack Meal Prep Plastic Microwavable

By Unbranded/Generic


Food Storage Container set w/Lid 25 Ounce 50 Pack Meal Prep BPA free Microwave

Food Storage Container set w/Lid

By Prep Naturals


Rubbermaid Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage, Set of 8 (16 Pieces 8-Pack

Microwave Container

This is a microwave container that holds 200 meals, it is manufactured of durable Plastic and gives a bpa free lid. The container is able to microwave food easily, it comes with a reusable need-to-eat container too. The new microwave containers set gives a variety meal prep bpa 9 pcs, you can get food or storage containers in any size you need, and these containers are no different. The lid renders a built-in alarm to keep you from over-storing your food, and the pack meal prep container is bpa free, it's a top-grade alternative for admirers who grove on the convenience of a microwave, and the food storage container is splendid for keeping your ingredients protected. These are microwave safe containers that come with 8 ounces duty small round deli food, the containers are small and will fit most microwaves. These containers are top grade for storage or for use as lids, this is a Microwavable Plastic bowl set that comes with lids. The bowls are 50 x the size of the set and can hold up to 50 bowls at a time, the lids are made of Plastic and are reusable. The bowls are with lids to keep food safe, the Microwavable design makes it facile to top up your container with new bowls.