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Microwavable Slippers

The Microwavable Slippers are beneficial for women who admire to wear! They're lavender scented and will make you smell sweet and delicious, the Slippers are also in a six-10 size so they can be comfortable for all sizes.

Intelex Warmies ~ Slippers Microwavable Plush Leopard Print 6-10 Cozy Snowy Day

Microwave Heated Slippers

These Microwavable Slippers are first-class surrogate to enjoy the sun while you work, they are small in size, but they heat up to work to your best-in-class temperature. These shoes are microwaveable and will start to cook the day you put them on, they are designed to be comfortable and will keep your feet warm and dry. These microwaveable Slippers are top-grade solution for your next project, with them, you can be ola up a project that will be warm and inviting. The Slippers will be composed of of an inch thick and will be microwaveable at a temperature up to 000 degrees, they will have a lavender scent and will be straightforward to pair with your next project. The Slippers are terrific for a cozy microwaveable environment, the snowy white size 6-10 onesies are made of soft, cozy fabric and have a comfortable seat for your little one to stay warm. With the slippers, you and your child can stay hot and comfortable, all while playing.