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Microwavable Syrup Container

This 15, 5-ouncemicrowavable hot fudge top is a delicious alternative to add a new or mueller's dish to your restaurant or menu. The enticing substitute to enjoy a delicious, yet healthy, dish, the hot fudge top is a beneficial topping for your mueller's and is puissant for any dish that needs a sweet topping.

Microwavable Syrup Container Walmart

The Microwavable Syrup Container is an exceptional alternative to get your hot fudge flavor into your microwave! This Container provides an 15, 5-ounce capacity and it can easily accommodate an 15. 5-ounce hot fudge sauce, the Container is produced of plastic and it is microwave-safe. This Microwavable Syrup Container is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to add a little bit of flavor to your next meal, this Microwavable syrups are convenient and facile substitute to add a little flavor to your food. It's an unrivaled surrogate to add that satisfying degree of sweetness to your food with just a little sugar, the 15. 5 oz mug comes with a flavor in the name, the Microwavable syrups are delicious surrogate to add a new and unique flavor to your menu. They are valuable for service or as a topping for food, 5 syrups are made with high quality sugar and cornstarch that makes the this Microwavable Syrup Container is a terrific way to keep your hot fudge top in business! This cup offers a top-of-the-heap design that makes it straightforward to lovee. 5-ounce Container is microwaveable so you can take it to work or into the family room, it's a splendid way to keep your hot fudge top in business.