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Microwave Cover

This is a great 2pk plastic microwave cover that clear steam vent splatter lid 10. 25 food dish. Perfect for keeping your machine clean and protected.

Microwave Plate Cover

The microwave plate cover is a important part of your appliance and needs to be in perfect condition. If it is not in perfect condition, it can cause your appliance to work less well and at a reduced level. to clean the microwave plate cover, you can use a plunger or a stream of water to clean it all around with a high-pressure water bath. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to take care of the less important parts of the plate. Use very little water and do not let the plunger or stream of water reach the spot where you want to clean it. if you want to keep your microwave plate covered, you need to do all of the following: -Mop the plate with a damp cloth -Groom the edge of the plate with a paper towel -Cover the plate with a new paper towel.

Microwave Food Cover

This is a plastic microwave food cover in clear steam vent splatter lid. It comes with two covers to protect your microwave from splatter: one with alt and the other with the name "microwave cover. " this product is new and perfect for your microwave! this is a plastic microwave cover that clear steam ventsplatter lid food dish covers. It is perfect for cover when you need to keep the food out of the microwave. this is a plastic microwaveplate cover that clear steam vent splatter lid 10. 25 food dish new. Perfect for your microwave! this is a clear steam ventsplatter lid cover for a microwave that comes with a 10. 25 food dish. It protects the top of the microwave from splatter and let the food airtight.