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Microwave Splatter Cover

This is a top-notch deal on 2 new plastic Microwave plate covers! When they are in stock, save the name and order within, the covers are 2 nd highlighter blue color and have a steam vent Splatter lid design. They are very facile to handle and set up - just take your time and you'll be working on this one soon.

Plastic Microwave Plate Cover 1 Pack Clear Steam Vent Splatter Lid 10.25 Food
2PK Plastic Microwave Plate Cover Clear Steam Vent Splatter Lid 10.25

2PK Plastic Microwave Plate Cover

By Kitchen Gadgets


2 PC Microwave Plate Covers Colors Plastic Vent Splatter Lid 8
Microwave Hover Anti Splattering Magnetic Food Cover - Microwave Splatter Lid

Microwave Hover Anti Splattering Magnetic

By 5 Star Super Dealsa


Microwave Splash Guard

This is a clear steam vent Splatter lid that attaches to a Microwave with an 2 pk plastic Microwave plate cover, when the Cover is in place, it prevents Splatter from coming up through the opening and creates a well-lit area to cook in. This Microwave Cover lid is an excellent addition to your restaurant, it is collapsible for uncomplicated storage and is color-coded so that you can keep track of your dishes. The Cover lid also features a Splatter proof design that will never let your guests know that you missed them, this Cover lid is first-rate for individuals long-distance restaurant trips or those dishes. This is an exceptional Cover for your Microwave that helps protect your food, it presents a clear way or a lid that grants a Splatter design. The Cover also presents an 10, 25" size for new food dishes. This Microwave food Cover is produced to protect your microwave, it offers a hover anti splattering magnetic food Cover that will minimize the Splatter lid. This Cover is further anti-magnetic and will not attract dust and other debris.