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Microwave Turntable Ge

The Turntable motor compatible with Ge Microwave is prime for enthusiasts who yearn for a more efficient and high-speed surrogate to create music, with this device, you can now produce more sound with less time and effort.

WB26X10038 Turntable Motor for GE Microwave PS237772 AP2024962

WB26X10038 Turntable Motor for GE

By QRInnovations


New Genuine OEM GE General Electric Microwave Turntable Motor Coupler WB06X10420

New Genuine OEM GE General

By GE Appliance


OEM Magic Chef / GE 3517400620 / WB02X10803 Microwave Turntable Coupler

OEM Magic Chef / GE

By Magic Chef


Top 10 Microwave Turntable Ge

This is an 16 glass Turntable tray for Ge Microwave oven cooking plate, it is 406 mm in size and made of durable materials. It can be used to cook either electric or gas cookers, it offers two screws for fixing on the top and can be used for cooking anything from rubles to food. This is amicrowave Turntable for Ge 21 vac it is a sterling addition to you 21 vac household appliance, this control your favorite music and performance for your appliance. This Microwave Turntable is fabricated with high quality materials and you can bethanked for your purchase, this is a terrific surrogate to integrate a Microwave Turntable into your existing equipment to make your Microwave more efficient. This coupler allows you to change the speed, power and even the type of Microwave turntable! This is a top-of-the-heap addition to your equipment and makes your Microwave more efficient, this is a top-of-the-line Microwave Turntable that we have in store for you! This machine is used to produce the desired rhythm with the aid of a spinner to create pictures. The spinner is still a peerless device for producing pictures without the need for a second spinner, this machine also includes a motor that is compatible with the Ge spacemaker xl1800.