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Miele Convection Microwave

This Miele Convection Microwave imparts an orifice size of 0, 87 mm m6 which making it excellent for use with lpg or natural it comes with a Convection oven that can heat up to. 87 mm m6 orifices size Microwave ovens, the Convection oven can heat up to temperature for more than four times the power of a Convection oven found in a standard oven. The Miele Convection Microwave extends an on/off switch and a latch that makes it straightforward to get the machine to start.

Miele Microwave Oven Combo

This Miele oven combo comes with a new original control board - 06212176, this board is essential for managing all the vital details of your oven, including your food temperature, cooking time and your recipes. The megatron is a genuine oem Miele transformer and fits the following models: h4, h6, bm, bm, and fast 1 day! The Convection Microwave is an unique design that is based on a Convection oven that creates a flow of air that is high in temperature, the flow of air creates a circular pattern that is then drawn up through the oven's walls into the microwave. The result is a more even temperature gradient that makes food cook more evenly, the Convection Microwave is sensational for lovers who crave the best food possible when using their microwave. The Miele Convection Microwave is first-rate for admirers who wish for a large cooking surface and are wanting for the best substitute to avoid sticking, the machine can cook food evenly and with minimal mess, making it sensational for busy parents.