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Nordic Ware Microwave Micro-go-round 10 Inch

This 10-inch microwaves the floor, making it the perfect size for small rooms. It has a six-second start time, so you can get the food to your voters quickly. It also has a safety protocol that ensures the food is heated evenly andery and thenimate to when you give the command to end the meal.

Best Nordic Ware Microwave Micro-go-round 10 Inch

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Nordic Ware Microwave Micro-go-round 10 Inch Walmart

The nordic ware microware 10 microwave micro-go-round is a great way to have some microwave power. It has a small, red micro-go-round on the front with a10 inchmicrowave and is bnib. this is a recent discontinued nordic ware micro-go-round 10 inch microwave food rotator. It is vintage and can not be found for a good reason - it is a 10 inch machine and into its 10th year of use! This machine is still going strong at only 25 years old. It is the workhorse of the nordic ware microwave line and its 10 inch machine is perfect for those who want an automated food rotator that comes pre-programmed with multiple food recipes. This machine also works with both electric and gas appliances and is compatible with both stovetop and ovens. this vintage nordic ware micro-go-round has a 8-inch wind upmicrowave turntable and is in excellent condition. It is made from sturdy metal and has a nice design with a mythological creature from the past times. This microwave turntable is a great addition to your microwave set-up. this is a great little microwave micro-go-round that is also a great deal at 10 inches on a scale. The nordic ware company makes a good product with this it is a great little machine that is perfect for small kitchens and is also a great deal at 10 inches.