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Nordic Ware Microwave Multi Pot

The Nordic Ware strainer lid is exceptional for use with flour, sugar, salt, or any other type of food, the strainer lid flask is superb for keeping a cup of flour at the ready. The two-piece strainer lid is straightforward to clean and offers many uses including cooking, baking, and even flouring.

Nordic Ware Microwave Multi Pot Ebay

The Nordic Ware multi-pot Microwave cookware is a peerless substitute for enthusiasts who appreciate to cook, the pots and pans are made of high-quality, norse-made materials that will make your kitchen look and feel more like a Nordic society. The pots and pans have some unrivaled features: a lid that prevents sticking, an 6-cup cooking pot, a handle, and all with norse design and materials, the 6-cup Pot is exceptional for small kitchens or those who ache to make a little bit of cooking more like a Nordic lifestyle. This Nordic Ware white multifunctional Microwave Pot imparts an exchanger which allows you to choose between rice, beans, potatoes or other food items, the Pot renders also a reversible strainer lid which makes it effortless to get the food out of the pot. The Pot is produced of stainless steel and renders a high-quality design, this is a Nordic Ware Microwave Multi Pot cookware Pot strainer lid 6 cup box. This Pot is reversible which is sensational for maintaining cleanliness as it allows for different colors and designs to be used, the Pot is fabricated of durable and sturdy material that will last long in your oven or microwave. This Nordic Ware Microwave Multi Pot is reversible staining which makes it straightforward to clean, the strainer lid is excellent for filling and unloading the microwaves. The 6 cup Pot is large enough to tailor all of your microwaves, the Pot is fabricated of high-quality Nordic Ware material and it is facile to operate. The Pot extends a comfortable handle which makes it facile to hold, the Nordic Ware Microwave Multi Pot is a first-rate addition to your cooking area.