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Samsung Microwave Control Panel

This Samsung Microwave Control Panel assembly is necessary when you want to order the phone, the phone will not work without the Control Panel in place.

Samsung Microwave Control Panel Walmart

The Samsung Microwave Control Panel is part of the Samsung Microwave line of products, this Panel is de92-03624 b and extends a black finish. It is attached by two screws, the Control Panel is and renders a green light on it. This Samsung Microwave Control Panel for fs stainless steel Microwave is a must-have for any Samsung Microwave shop, this Control Panel features a variety of keypad Control features, so you can easily Control your microwave. The Control Panel is furthermore weather-sealed, so you can protect your Microwave from the elements, this is a new oem Samsung Microwave Control panel. It presents the following items: genuine Samsung Microwave Control Panel de94-04320 Control Panel type Control Panel size Control Panel color Control Panel material Control Panel over-voltage protection Control Panel short circuit protection Control Panel power feature Control Panel memory 10) Control Panel keep track of time 11) keep track of cooking and oven settings 12) cooking and oven settings memory 13) keep track of other settings 14) over-voltage protection 15) short circuit protection 16) power feature 17) memory 18) over-voltage protection 19) cooking and oven settings this is a Samsung Microwave Control Panel for the and it includes the Control board and touch panel, the Control board is for the Microwave and the touch Panel is for the various buttons and controls. This Panel is needed to be working with the microwave.