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Spa Socks Microwavable

These grain slippers are microwave safe and are freezer safe, they are natural for style and have a size 6. They are for basic cleaning and are size 6 for a comfortable fit.

Spa Socks Microwavable Amazon

The Spa Socks Microwavable are excellent addition to your spa, they are work stings safe and basic to put on and take off. The Socks are also Microwavable so you can keep them on as a health and health care aid, the Socks are also Microwavable for an uncomplicated set up. The Microwavable design makes these Socks enticing for any service, these Spa Socks are Microwavable and frozen size for women 8-12 years old and men 8-12 years old. These Socks will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you go to your spa, the Socks are also Microwavable for an added function of just for feet. These Socks are also 10% frozen and will keep them warm in the summer.