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Wb49x10063 Microwave Tray

The Microwave Tray is a first-class way for folks scouring for a reliable and efficient Microwave oven, it is fabricated from high-quality plastic and metal that grants a look that is facile to keep clean. The Tray also presents a harvestable mickey and a power indicator that will tell you how much power it offers left, the Tray can be easily adapted to size and can be customized to suit different systems.

New OEM WB49X10063 GE Glass Tray  WB49X10063

New OEM WB49X10063 GE Glass

By General Electric


Wb49x10063 Microwave Tray Walmart

This ge Microwave Tray presents a rolled ove-a-apart design for uncomplicated removal, the Tray is manufactured of high quality Microwave glass and offers a sturdyugg-print design. It as well made of plastic and renders a black finish, the roller guide is included for a basic start. This ge Microwave model ss turntable glass Tray is an enticing addition to your microwave! It is produced from glass and renders a white trays section and black waiters section, the Tray is height adjustable and fits up to 3 products at a time. The Tray imparts a powered up sound and offers a door that can be closed to keep your products clean, this Tray is a Microwave Tray that goes over the top of the oven to make it more stable. It is fabricated of ge material and extends a black color, it is manufactured of about 10063 pieces and is manufactured of plastic. It offers a wheel at the bottom that allows you to move the Tray around, the Tray grants a window in the top that shows the power cord and the oven's or stovetop's power. The Tray also has a light on it that shows the type of engine or drive system, the Tray has a little plastic frame that holds it all together well. It is about 19 inches in diameter and has a little door at the bottom that allows it to close, there are some small plastic screws at the top that hold it together well. There is a little hole in the top for a key or lock, and a little plastic clip that holds the key or lock in place, it is about 1. 5 inches in diameter, the Microwave Tray is an exceptional addition to your kitchen! The Tray has two microwaves and is capable of serving up to three people at once. The Tray also has a safety ethic and is capable of staying on task, making it a fantastic addition for any kitchen.