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Ceramic Microwave Rice Cooker Mug

The Microwave Cooker Rice Mug imparts a wide design that can fit most Mug sizes, the Mug is produced of durable Ceramic and is full of features that make it a first-class way for a person hunting for a good old fashioned cook-off. The Mug provides a music player that gives you the ability to listen to some quality music while you cook, and the 14" width makes it straightforward to produce large quantities of rice, the black design is sterling for cooking on the go, and the 14" width also means that the Mug doesn't lose its shape over time.

Ceramic Microwave Rice Cooker Mug Walmart

This Ceramic Microwave Rice Cooker Mug is a fantastic surrogate to keep your Rice in shape during the winter, the Mug extends a logo and features a Ceramic Microwave Rice Cooker on one front side and a controller on the back. The Mug is again filled with Rice and educational stickers, this fantastic Rice Cooker Mug from provides a blue and silver Ceramic Mug which provides the name and logo on it. The Rice Cooker Mug is good for making Rice at home, school or when you're on holiday, the Microwave Cooker Rice Mug offers a wide 14-inch wide cooking area and it is produced of ceramic. This Mug is sure to cook your Rice perfectly every time! This is a top-grade Mug for cooking Rice in the microwave! It's made of Ceramic and it's sturdy, so you can always have a Mug for Rice in hand if you need to, the Mug is furthermore comfortable to operate because it grants a soft grip. The Rice Cooker Mug is an unequaled substitute to allow your Rice cooking experience to become more like japanese food.